Monday, 15 December 2014

Bloody Christmas

I like Christmas, it's a fun time.  It doesn't matter if you're spending time with your family or shopping around for gifts, there's just a nice atmosphere around during this time of year that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.

Despite that however, there's one part of Christmas that makes me want to just give the middle finger right into Santa Clauses big fat fucking face. 

First comes the sales.  Sales are great because it means I can buy all that shit I wanted earlier in the year for considerably less money.  All those games that I didn't get a chance to play because I had to pay bills or do real life shit with I can now afford without feeling guilty about it.  This is a good thing but because I'm an idiot I buy way too much and all I end up doing is adding a great number of titles to my backlog.

Of course, I'm not just buying video games for myself, I'm buying my family gifts too because I can't just selfishly spend all my money on myself, right?  That's fine, I enjoy putting a smile on people's faces but this leads to a post Christmas broke-as-fuck period.  This means that all the games that come out in January I now can't afford because I'm re-building my fortunes after the Christmas gift rush, so I end up on just missing more shit.

Then to put the icing on the cake, I spend all my time playing games like Isaac and DotA so all those games that I so hastily bought in the sale don't get played anyway.  A few years of this has been part of the reason my backlog is so mind numbingly huge.

Let's be honest though, I wouldn't have it any other way

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