Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Drunk Like: A Reminder and Rules

There isn't a great deal of time before the live event known as Drunk Like will be happening!  I've been a bit strapped for time to produce content due to a family visit to Japan but I thought I'd outline the event one more time and describe the general rules so you guys know what to expect.

The event will take place on June 6th and will involve me and a group of friends playing roguelike games for 9 solid hours and drinking while doing it.  Here are the general rules for the event.

1)  Each player does 1 run of the currently played game, when the game is over they switch with the next player.  Turn order decided at start of the event.

2)  If a player dies, they must take a drink.  If a player clears the game then everyone else in the room takes a drink.

3)  If a donation is received during the event, everybody in the room must take a drink.

4) If participants start to feel sick they are allowed to bow out.  I don't need people endangering their health for this stuff.  DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

That's it, it's easy right?  Each game at the event will be played for 2 hours and a vote will be cast for which game will be replayed for the final hour.  Each game will also feature specific rules and donation incentives which will be announced at the start of play so make sure to tune in and see if a little bit of charity can turn us all into drunk wrecks.

I'm also considering making a prize avaliable for donators so keep an eye out on the Identity Gaming facebook page to see if any get announced

So, follow at and get excited.  It's going to be a long and very very stupid evening.

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