Sunday, 29 November 2015

DoAX3 and Play Asia

So once again Japan make a game thats designed for fans of attractive anime girls and once again easily offended assholes in the west have taken to twitter, tumblr and gaming "news" sites to complain about it.  We all know that "misogyny" is the new video game boogie man du jour only this time Koei Tecmo has decided it can't be arsed with this shit and has decided not to make its upcoming bikini girl oogle fest available in the west.

First of all, let's just address the idea of this game being "sexist" because if you dig around the internet just a little bit there are articles out there claiming so.  To accuse someone of being sexist or being a misogynist is to accuse someone of hating/having less respect for women based solely on their gender.  So you're telling me, that because people enjoy watching attractive women in cute bikinis frolic around on a beach that they are sexist?  You're telling me that there are people who write for certain gaming websites that seriously believe that the staff of Team Ninja made this game just because they have a gigantic hate boner for women and want to portray them solely as objects? 

What the fuck planet are you from where that could at all be true?  Men enjoying seeing attractive women do shit is just human fucking nature, it's hard wired into our goddamn heads to enjoy that shit as men (unless you don't swing that way, but typically).  The idea that I should feel bad or ashamed because I enjoy seeing attractive women wearing not much dance around and play sports is insane and anyone putting that idea forward needs a fucking slap.  Anyway, aren't all these people writing this shit and complaining supposed to be all about tolerance and equality and shit?  So I have to be 100% accepting of homosexuality or transgender people but when I want to enjoy my own sexuality I should feel ashamed?  Get the fuck out!  If you want to have  relations with someone of the same sex or change your gender, power to you, do what ever the fuck you want but don't come telling me that I'm a terrible human being for enjoying titties because if the shoe was on the other foot you'd be labeling me an "oppressor" and sending me death threats, no wonder Koei Tecmo can't be arsed with this shit.

Anyway, now that my rant is done what the fuck does Play Asia have to do with all this?  Well they put out some tweets about how Koei Tecmo aren't releasing the game for the west but their copies of the game that you can import will come with English modes on them.  This is being met with mixed reactions from certain types of people and while all this debating is all well and good I can't help but feel that people are getting played a little bit here.

Is sexism REALLY the reason that they aren't releasing the game?  I mean look at games like Hatred and Hunnie Pop, games that sold fairly well purely on the basis of sticking it to the perpetually offended keyboard warriors of twitter and big gaming news sites.  Claiming that there isn't a market for titties and ultra violence in the west is just plain wrong, people love that shit and will love it even more if you actually make a good game with it.

Consider this, Dead or Alive Xtreme hasn't done too well overseas and I'm not sure the figures but I don't think it did too hot in Japan either.  The people who make and publish these games aren't idiots, they know their audience well and I get the feeling that this whole Play Asia sticking it to the "SJWs" as they put it is all a big fat marketing ploy to tap into that demographic of people who think that buying a game with bikini girls in it is going to piss people off.  Sure, Koei Tecmo SAID it was because of sexism but I'm more willing to bet it was due to shit sales figures and tapping into the big game controversy of the now is their bid to push a few more copies of the game.

If it really was sexism then that's sad that there are publishers who feel they have to withhold games because of a vocal minority of know-nothing twats working for sites like Kotaku and Polygon.  If it wasn't sexism and this is all a ploy to push copies then I'm surprised more people aren't catching onto it because it seems really obvious. 

None of this really affects me though, I live in Japan where I can get those next gen titties in all their glory!  Although being brutally honest X3 is on the very very bottom of my buying priority list once I get round to buying a fucking PS4.

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