Monday, 29 February 2016


Gyromancer is one of those games in my steam library that I bought years and years ago but only just got around to finally beating.  I must have bought it in some kind of Steam sale way back when because I can't imagine myself buying a match-3 puzzle game in this day and age. 

Anyway, Gyromancer is a puzzle-RPG game about a dude called Rivel Arday going into a forest in order to stop some evil dude from doing something bad I don't remember.  While each level is sandwiched between cut scenes that involve still images of the characters chatting via text, the story is kind of dumb and isn't really what you are here for anyway.

So a long time ago, back in my younger days when MSN messenger was a thing and I didn't have a job to buy proper games with, Pop Cap was an old website that provided free to play flash games.  One of these games was called Bejewelled.  This game involved swapping two adjacent gems in order to match 3 of the same color and you had to build a certain amount of score in order to progress to the next level.  After I long gave up on Pop Cap they released a variation on Bejewelled known as Bejewlled Twist which was the same game but you would twist a small circle of gems in order to match 3 rather than just pairs.  So take that, add monsters doing battle and a shitty story about a dude in a forest preventing evil and you have Gyromancer.

Monsters battle by having these little gauges that fill up as you match gems and when the gauge is full it drops a sparkly gem on the board, smash the gem and do the damage.  Enemies do their attacks in the same way but on a timer, so if you fail to smash their attack gem in the certain number of turns then they attack you.  Aside from the main game there are little side objectives in each stage and a bunch of bonus shit that you unlock after the first chapter that I never bothered with so I can't comment on that.  But if you like your Bejewelled Twist then Gyromancer has a lot to offer you.

If however you are like me and you don't give too many shits about these kind of puzzle games then it'll be fun at first but quickly start wearing a bit thin.  Cool monsters and a story line are not enough to pull one into the genre of match-3 gem smashing.  I'll be sticking to Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo thank you very much.

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