Sunday, 18 December 2016

2017 Speed Schedule

The new year is nearly upon us which means it's nearly time for another AGDQ so my excitement levels are pretty high!  

As you may know, I also do a few speed runs and while I'm not what you'd call "good" I do find it highly enjoyable so this post is just to let you know what games I'm planning to run through 2017.  

This doesn't mean I'll be running only 1 game per month but it is the one I'll be focusing on with the plan of doing 1-3 runs or a couple of hours of practice a day, but I won't be neglecting other games too.  

January: Silent Hill (Bad+) 
February: Hotline Miami 
March: Megaman 4 
April: Silent Hill 2 
May: Ys1
June: Super Mario World (11 Exits) 
July: Super Castlevania 4 
August: <New Game> 
September: Megaman 2 
October: They Bleed Pixels 
November: <New Game> 
December: Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

Like I said, I'll be trying to keep up with all my runs and I'll be of course willing to take a request for a run if it came with a small donation.  On top of that there will be the usual Final Fantasy and Resident Evil stuff too so expect the stream to be pretty active in 2017! 

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