Monday, 23 January 2017

AGDQ 2017 Roundup

Well, a couple of weeks ago Awesome Games Done Quick finished!  If you aren't sure what that is then I can tell you that it's a speed running marathon that raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation by speedrunning a large number of games over the course of a week.

This year was quite a special one really because while it's become pretty common for the guys at GDQ to raise over a million each time, this year they managed to hit $2.2 million!  Across all of the marathons they have done this brings the total value of money raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation to over $10 million.  It's crazy and I've said it a number of times on this blog before but the efforts put forward by these guys are what inspired this very blog and maybe one day we can do for Alzheimer's what they did for cancer.

Anyway, I thought I'd quickly throw this post together in order to highlight some of what I thought were the best ones.  I'm not fully caught up with all the stuff I missed thanks to sleeping and working so there's probably a bunch of great ones I've not seen yet but these are the ones that I caught live that really stood out to me.

1) Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

This run done by Bawkbasoup of an old FPS classic was just absolutely mental.  It's fast paced, looks technical as all hell and the runner gives a really commentary throughout.  I like watching runs like this because I know that the chances of me ever being able to run a game like this are slim to none.

2) Ducktales Race

This run, while extremely short is absolutely crazy.  I'm a little bit familiar with how Ducktales is run since I have a friend who plays it but these guys are the absolute best I've ever seen.  What makes it even better is that they are pretty much tied throughout the entire race and at the end it really comes down to the wire

3) Batman Forever

This was done as part of the Awful Games block and admittedly I might be a little biased because PJ is easily one of my favorite runners.  A co-op run of a famously shitty game for the Super Nintendo, these two bring a good amount of comedy to the run and make this unplayable shit actually look pretty fun.

Honorable Mention: F.E.A.R Extraction Point

A decent run but actually a little bland.  However one of the guys on the couch make this run go from mildly entertaining but forgettable to absolutely fucking amazing.  Watching it live, the antics of the couch were more annoying than anything else but between me and my buddies "ROLLING DEEP" has become a bit of a joke so honorable mention to this run for starting that.

There were TONS of great runs at the event but these were some of my personal favorites that I caught live.  Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite runs if you want, I'd love to get some recommendations on what to catch up with.

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