Monday, 6 February 2017

The Blogger App Sucks

Usually ar the top of a post there is an image that's related to what I'm about to talk about.  On some occasions you may have noticed that the images in a post are way too big for the page if you are viewing on a computer, my post about Shadowverse I think is a good example of this.  Whenever this happens it means that I have probably made the post from my phone on what is quite possibly the worst app I have ever used.

Whenever I've put posts together on that damn thing they all look fine in the viewer I get but when I get home and check the site all the formatting is weird and just wrong.  Granted I don't proof read or edit my shit, what you get on IG is my brain vomit on games but even then I have a certain standard.  Adding tags to a post is also a goddamn nightmare because the keyboard covers the tag box so you have no idea if you've spelt things right or put the commas in the right place.

But wait, it gets worse

So I got a new phone after smashing my old one in a temple at New Years and recently I decided to download the app again, despite its shittyness so that I could post more reliably.  However, all my previous complaints are basically void and replaced with the fact that the damn thing crashes as soon as you try to write a new post.  So now it's worse than a piece of shit, it's a useless piece of shit.

So this post is being made from Safari which is also ballache because blogger clearly wasn't designed to work with it.  The worst being that I have to zoom out the page to see wtf I'm doing so I have to squint at my phone like an idiot that forgot his glasses.

Blogger is a solid service, on PC it works like a charm but trying to do things from mobile is a terrible nightmare

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