Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Change Of Charity

I am fucking mad right now, like you don't even know, holy shit.

I made a post on a forum a couple of days ago looking for fund raising ideas, and the feedback I got was mostly negative.  Apparently I'm a huge arsehole looking for tax breaks and my idea to raise money through producing entertaining, game related content is a load of shit.

Well I'm not paying attention to them since the donations have reached well over £700 and if people are willing to donate to charity because they enjoy my content, I'm not stopping.  I'll keep writing, keep making videos and keep streaming in the hopes that you'll throw a couple of pennies to a good cause.

ANYWAY! One post in the forum topic I made slagged off the JustGiving tracker saying that charity donation page middle men are a bunch of greedy cockbags.  Well when I first set up Identity Gaming this never occurred to me, JustGiving is pretty much the most recognised donation service and I just went with what I know.

Anyway it turns out that JustGiving is a load of shit and they skim 5% off the donations made to the charity!  Luckily, 5% of the values that people have been giving isn't much but it fucking adds up and it's an absolutely disgusting practice that they are charging a subscription fee AND taking money from the donations.

So, for that reason, I have changed the donation service to something called BTMyDonate.  After doing some searching around I found out that BTMyDonate don't charge any fees and don't take any commission off the donations, which is great.  As far as I understand their service, they are just a straight up tracker that gives you, the donater, a visual indication of how much has been raised via Identity Gaming, which is really just what I wanted in the first place. 

Please direct all future donations towards the new links on the right hand side bar.  I'll put the link here too just in case

Everything still goes to the Alzheimer's Society, so hit that donate button and lets see some money go to a good cause!

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