Tuesday, 22 October 2013

TotalBiscuit Vs Wild Games Studio's: A Story of Censorship

Well today there was supposed to be more funtime YouTube content with some Silent Bomber uploads, but then this went and happened so now you're just gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

Anyway, the story is that there is this game company called Wild Games Studio who made this game called Day One Garry's Incident then there's is this internet reviewer dude called TotalBiscuit who put a review up of the game and let's just say he didn't really like it.  So, Wild Games Studio, using the YouTube copyright claim system thing, get his video taken down and a strike put on his account.

Now, I've not played Day One Garry's Incident yet, but it looks like a fucking mess of a game.  I also don't really have much fondness for TotalBiscuit either, he's not terrible but I unfollowed him on Twitter after a few of the things he said following the GTA5 release made my moron alarm go off.  He's not a total moron though, he does put out some pretty good content, he's just enough of a moron for me not to care about him much.

Anyway, the point is that these goings on, no matter how much you love or hate TB or that game are complete bullshit.  What basically happened is that Wild Games Studio decided that they didn't like their game (that I repeat, looks REALLY fucking bad) being slammed by one of the most viewed critics on YouTube and then decided to have that critique of their game taken down because it might affect sales or something probably.

This is fucking unforgivable, if you make a shitty fucking game, then people have the right to know it's a shitty fucking game.  It doesn't make any difference to me because I'll just play fucking everything no matter how shitty or stupid, but there are lots of people who are going to be mad after spending money on something that flat out sucks ass.

The way these people find out if a game sucks or not is by doing some research, going on the various review sites and maybe watching some gameplay on YouTube and it's how people make informed purchases.  This is true for basically everything, not just games.  Except Wild Games Studio can't take the fact that they made a shitty game (probably) and went after the guy slamming the game for what appeared to be good reason.

You can't just go around silencing critique to make money because you know that people finding out just how bad your game is will prevent sales.  It's not TotalBiscuit and his review that will prevent sales of that game, it's the fact that you made a shitty fucking game!  If you just go around silencing bad reviews of the game then you're essentially cheating people out of money and that's just flat out not cool.

You pulled this kind of crap in any other industry all sorts of shit would go down but it seems to be pretty common practise in the games industry for developers and shitty journalists to knock heads and find out how to lie to consumers to wring more money out of them, or find ways to just flat out fuck them over.

Wild Games Studio, I'm only ever going to play your game if I get it for free as a Steam gift or something, I'm not ever supporting your stupid bullshit and I really, deeply hope that you go bankrupt and are forced out of the industry.  There is no place for stupid arseholes that can't take criticism, get out and take your two bit survival game with you, pricks.

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