Friday, 1 November 2013

Update Time! Moving into a new place! Stuff Incoming!

Right, first of all, you may have noticed that it's the end of October, yet only one game from the October playlist got uploaded to YouTube.....

Well I'm sorry about that, but moving to Japan and having to set myself up in a new apartment kind of ate all my recording time.  Also not really having a proper place to record in made things quite difficult.  Those playthroughs aren't dead though! They are just sleeping.  Silent Hill, Resi 1, Outlast and Amnesia are games I want to play through anyway, it just won't be in season.  Fortix on the other hand......well I'll slog through it one day because I said I would.

Then there is the blog and the stream.  Well, I doubt very highly that I'll have access to the internet straight off the bat, so it may be a while, but once it's up then you can expect a great deal of streaming.  There may be a bit of downtime with posts too, but if I can get to a place with Wi-Fi I'll at least try and upload more Silent Bomber.

Finally, the social media side of things has expanded! Identity Gaming now has a Facebook page!  So go and throw that thing a like!  All future updates will be written there instead of here and it's another place to look to see if I'm streaming or not.  The link for the new page is here!

So yeah, I'm moving house tomorrow, bare with me for a few days while I sort my shit out

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