Friday, 29 August 2014

Death of a Gamer?

What the fuck is going on man?  Why is it just so fucking HARD to enjoy games anymore?  The world has gone fucking topsey turvey. 

A few days ago I posted a story about the whole Zoe Quinn situation and how I didn't give a fuck about it because we all knew just how corrupt the whole gaming "journalism" situation was.  Then some new Anita Sarkeesian video comes out with all its cherry picked retarded arguments made by a woman who knows absolutely diddly dick about video games and between the Zoe situation and that video getting released what can only be described as an all out war has fucking started.

I got to the point where I just accepted that all these agenda pushing "social justice warriors" or SJWs for short were completely off the fucking rails.  None of them knew anything about games and none of them had anything constructive to say.  If you tried to argue with them they throw personal insults and say all sorts of nasty shit to you and they never want a real discussion.

People who play games were never mad at Zoe for cheating on her boyfriend and they were never mad at Anita for making feminist videos.  They were mad because Zoe revealed the corrupt nature of games journalism and Anita showed just how totally bullshit their whole agenda really is.  Problems arise when you have your typical internet twats sending threats and whatnot and just fueling the fire.  For the most part however, gamers were willing to talk about these issues and their willingness for debate was met with hostility and insults.

Today, 5 articles were written by a bunch of so called "journalists" claiming that in the light of recent events we are witnessing the death of the "gamer" identity.  What a bunch of fucking bullshit.  I refuse to link those articles but you can go and look them up but be prepared for some of the most mind numbingly retarded fucking diarrhoea that you have ever read in your life.

When you are writing worse articles than ME! you need to rethink your life.

These articles, written by so called "professionals" are just flat out insulting people who enjoy games.  Lumping them all in the same boat and calling them "toxic" to the industry.  Claiming that anyone who doesn't agree with their immensely fucked up world view on what equates to sexism or bigotry must therefore be a horrible person.  We have all been described as terrorists by these people, just because we try to point out their blatant bullshit in the comments sections of news websites and YouTube videos.

It's fucking disgusting

I don't want to hear it anymore.  I already did a long fucking article on why your race/sexuality DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER when it comes to games but we all know that it's not really about games is it?  It's about making clickbait articles to generate ad revenue for your shitty websites and for people like Anita it's about manufacturing outrage at something that doesn't fucking exist to fill her damn pockets.

I can't fucking MOVE anywhere on the goddamn internet anymore without hearing about this shit and I'm fucking sick of it.  Games are turning to shit and now I can't even fucking ignore it because it doesn't matter where I turn, some cocknugget is claiming how something in a game offends him and it should be censored or pulled or some level of stupid garbage bullshit.  I can't go a single fucking day without someone bringing up "feminism" like women in the industry is even a fucking issue.  Like women in the industry are totally oppressed and it's impossible for them to do anything which is total bullshit.  Like women in the industry get threats way worse than those of men but that's also complete bullshit and anyone willing to look at facts and not just cherry pick tweets from nobodies can realise in about 20 fucking GODDAMN SECONDS.

Gaming and the identity of the "gamer" isn't dead but people have finally had it up to here with all the bullshit and people aren't standing for it anymore!  I won't fucking stand for it anymore!  But I'm not going to join this so called "war" against social justice types, I'm just going to keep enjoying games and ignoring journalists and writing about things that I enjoy.

I get upset about this because I'm passionate about this hobby I have held since the age of 4.  I am not a misogynist, I am not toxic and I am absolutely not a fucking terrorist just because I had fun playing Project Diva F2nd this morning.

Get out of my goddamn hobby and stop pushing your fucking -isms where they don't belong.


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  1. Saw that article and dropped out after a few sentences, but it got me thinking about the gamer spectrum.

    As far as "gaming" being no longer a specialist hobby, I think the conversation can be raised by game journos, but they can't be the ones to dictate how "gamer" gets defined going forward or call a moratorium on the word's usage. And agreed, the "death of X" is an extremely tired gimmick in writing that's long been regarded the purview of frypan-to-head idiots who conflate their own noise and the unavoidable attention it garners with promoting discussion.