Monday, 26 October 2015

Games Journalism Strikes Again

So this is a thing that happened quite a while ago and I wanted to comment on it sooner but I've had another one of those goddamn busy periods so it's taken me until now to get anything down.

So the story is that some shitty gaming news website called VG24/7 went down to TGS and they played around a bit with the Uncharted remastered thing at the Sony booth.  Then they come back and they write an article about how they think Uncharted 4 is too formulaic or some shit like that.  Except like I just said, they weren't playing Uncharted 4, they were playing the remastered version of 2 for PS4 but because no one has a fucking clue what they are on about they thought it was a new game.

So Sony call them out on their stupid bullshit and they pull the article, fair enough.  But the thing that really brings my piss to a boil is the weak as fuck apology they made on their website shortly after.  If you google search the issue you can find it pretty easily but I'm not linking that sorry excuse for a website here.

At first everything seems OK, they just talk about how they made a mistake and they immediately pulled the article but shortly after that they write the most sorry, shitty, lying excuse I've ever fucking seen.  They basically start talking about how Tokyo Game Show is a very busy place and the signage on the games isn't in English and that is this reason this whole thing happened at all.


I was there at TGS on a fucking public day and sure, it was busy but not busy enough to fuck you up to the point you can't read things.  Also the signage not being in English?  Fuck off with that because that's just not true.  Obviously there are a lot of things written in Japanese with it being the TOKYO Game Show and all but I went to that Sony booth and the title of the game was written IN ENGLISH ON A GODDAMN CIRCULAR BLUE NEON SIGN.

Hell, most of the titles of the games around the Sony area were written in English.  Even games like fucking Star Ocean had their title presented in English but I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to present that as a new Final Fantasy.  But you know what?  Language shouldn't even be a fucking issue here, why are you sending someone to the TOKYO Game Show if they don't know any fucking Japanese?  If you can't find someone who speaks and reads it at least send them along with someone who does.

I've been saying for a long long time that these gaming news websites are mostly trash.  If you want news on latest games or what is happening with your favorite developer, go and follow their official accounts on social media or something.  The only thing gaming news sites are probably good for is delivering purely factual information on certain events like PT getting cancelled or Kojima leaving Konami, it's hard to fuck articles like that up I guess.

I've believed for a long time that the people who write for these sites know the bare minimum they have to know about games and the games industry in order to do their job.  Hell, I've seen some reviews and articles that make me think that maybe certain writers don't actually anything about the topic they are writing about, it's sad.

I guess we should be thankful now where we don't have to pay attention to these guys and there are things like YouTube, Twitter, Blogs and other outlets where actually knowledgeable and passionate individuals can write their stuff and share it out.  Go find those guys, don't give clicks to these know-nothing idiots.

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