Monday, 5 October 2015

Home Arcades and Hitchhiking

First off I want to apologize a little bit for the lack of content in the last week or so, things got a bit crazy and I didn't have much time to write, stream or make videos.  

Anyway I want to tell you a little story about my last Sunday since it's awesome both for gaming and to illustrate how awesome living in Japan can be sometimes.  

So my buddy who lives in the next town over likes to frequent his local video game bar (more on those another day) and he's managed to meet a few cool people.  

So we get invited to this guys house and my header picture was his goddamn living room, it was crazy.  The amount of stuff he has both retro and modern puts my attempts at video game collection to shame.  The guy had arcade cabinets, retro setups, a projector with next gen stuff, it was easily one of the best dinner parties I've been too 

The reason I'm bothering to tell you this tale is because there is this unfair stereotype I feel of passionate collectors of anything being lonely dweebs with no future and nothing else to really live for, which is a shame because it's just not true. 

So now for the Japan part.  On my way home I fell asleep and ended up in another town about an hour away from mine. It was late at night and there wasn't really anywhere nearby for me to take shelter in so I did what any slightly drunk person would do, stick my thumb up at cars.  

Astonishingly it worked and some guy gave me a lift all the way to Nagoya, we had a nice chat and all was well.  

I do notice on the internet that there's a lot of people who give Japan and the Japanese a bad rep, claiming that it's a country full of racists.  Well I think both these inconsequential stories prove this people at least a little bit wrong. 

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