Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Final Fantasy Record Keeper First Impressions

So usually I'm the kind of person who will immediately dismiss a game released on the phone as casual garbage that isn't worth playing.  I don't know what came over me last weekend though but in a fit of extreme boredom at home I decided to download and try out Final Fantasy Record Keeper. 

What I got was actually a pleasant surprise.  Final Fantasy Record Keeper is sort of like a Final Fantasy all stars game where you collect the characters from the various games and then have them fight in strings of battles in order to progress through the games history mode.  Game play wise that's about it, all you do is fight, but for something that I'm fiddling with on train rides and things like that it works pretty well. 

That said, there are a TON of levels and a TON of characters.  Aside from unlocking characters you also have to collect equipment which also have a level and can be made stronger by using items or other equipment.  Each level also has a hard mode which is known as a "force dungeon" but at time of writing I've yet to try that feature out yet.  The game also hosts a number of events which will allow you to get high level items or unlock characters.

While it plays like a sort of typical mobile RPG, there is that sort of Final Fantasy polish to it and it all ends up being rather compelling and hard to put down.  So far my only criticism of the game is that the energy that you need to do dungeons is far too limited and it forces me to stop playing.  Generally speaking I run out of energy before the end of my 20 minute train ride between my house and work place, which would be annoying if I didn't constantly carry a portable system with me.

The game is free so instead of me harping on about it you should just go play it for yourself.  There is a lot to it, a lot more than you'd expect from such a basic idea and exclusive to mobile.  It seems that the Final Fantasy mobile games do actually have some degree of quality (apart from that All the Bravest thing) because my friend tells me that Final Fantasy G Bike is also pretty good so maybe that's worth checking out too!

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