Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My Vita Multiplat Frustrations

I'm one of these weirdos that actually enjoys and gets quite a lot of use out of my PS Vita.  Probably more so than my 3DS because Nintendo are a bunch of idiots who put region locking on their systems, but if you ask me, the Vita has a lot going for it.

That said, I'm having one problem with it recently and no its not the obscene amount of pervy anime games, I don't mind those.  It's the fucking PS4 multi platform titles that are pissing me off.  Some good examples of these would be Dragons Crown, Exist Archive and Yoru No Nai Kuni.  Buying games used to be so damn simple and now I have to do a whole bunch of research on the different versions because of shit like this.

I always find myself being torn when trying to make a purchase with these kind of games.  Do I want the title on the Vita so I can play it on the go, or do I want it for my PS4 so I can play it on my big ass TV and from the comfort of my nice couch.  Do I want I want portability and convenience or do I want comfort and easy access to streaming the title in question?!  I just don't fucking know anymore

You know, the one easy answer to this would be allow me to play my Vita games on my TV, kind of like how you can use the Vita as a secondary screen for your PS4 but the other way round.  Well this was a viable option for a while with the Vita TV but the thing fucking bombed and was discontinued before I could get my hands on one, so fuck that solution.  Plus I couldn't stream from the Vita TV so it only half solved the problem really.

I get why Sony are doing it, not many people bought the Vita overseas as far as I can tell so they want to make their titles available on both platforms so no one misses out.  It's a kind move but in their kindness that have filled my purchases for these systems way more stressful than it needs to be.

Maybe I'm being over dramatic for the sake of making a blog post about this "issue".  That said, it is annoying and I wish the situation wasn't like this.  Props to Sony for making sure everyone can play their games without owning the Vita, because in the west that thing kinda sucks, but goddamn it's annoying for me.

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