Tuesday, 31 May 2016

DotA 2 has changed a fair bit

A long while ago I used to play quite a lot of DotA2.  I played it enough to warrant purchasing the compendium for two different Internationals and I felt like, while I wasn't what you'd call good, I had a good grip of the game.  Then for some reason I quit, I don't remember why exactly but it was probably because my backlog of unfinished games is some kind of stupid high number and I gave up online gaming to focus on that for a while.

In my absence there have been a multitude of updates, none of which I kept up to speed with save for a few messages from my friend who plays it a bit more frequently than I do.  What I had heard is that the game had got some kind of overhaul and that it was all glitchy and shit.  Then some time passed and now it's not so glitchy and shit and it's back to being highly enjoyable and with that I decided to give it another go.  Fuck me is it different though.

Right off the bat the interface has been completely reworked and it's all fancy and swish now.  One thing I was a little disappointed to see is that my level from previously earned battle points had been replaced with some new thing and my old level was reduced to some kind of shitty trophy.  The inventory looks completely different and to me, who got so used to the old menus, it was a little hard for me to find everything.  Still, the extra 5-10 minutes I spent wrapping my head around the new design isn't worth complaining about that much.

There's all these new heroes now too and I have no idea who they are, what they do, what items are good for them and I've never seen anyone use them.  I suppose it would be a good idea for me to check them out but I remember that the "all hero challenge" was a thing and started doing that instead.  There's also a bunch of new items and it feels like every game I'm seeing something in the shop that I didn't see before.  I'm too worried about not letting the team down to spend time perusing the additions to the shop.  The pre-update DotA had this inventory thing in the menu which gave you a run down of all the items you could buy but this feature seems to have vanished so now I'm just using recommended builds and hoping that it all works out.

The map is also a little different and the base is covered in these statues that I think are player owned but I'm not sure what the fuck they are for other than being another thing to destroy when I make my way into the enemy base.

I like the new update though because while it's a little daunting its nice to see all this new stuff after a long hiatus.  So if you're like me and haven't played in a while give it a go, maybe the new content can rekindle your enjoyment for the game.

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