Thursday, 2 June 2016

PS4 Blocked Scenes

You may be aware that the PS4 has an in built streaming feature.  By pressing the "Share" button on the controller you can immediately.  For people like me who are too broke to buy a capture card and too lazy to set it up properly even if I did, this feature is really cool.  As you may also be aware, I've been slowly working my way through the entire Final Fantasy series on my stream.

So one viewer has very kindly been donating to charity for the No Yojimbo donation incentive, which would force me to kill all the secret bosses legit instead of just paying for a Zanmato and this of course sparked a conversation about which version of Final Fantasy X I'm going to run.  The original Japanese release is out of the question because that version didn't have the dark aeon stuff so its either International on PS2 or FFX/X-2 HD for PS4 and I'm leaning towards the latter.

Except there's a problem and that's blocked cut scenes.  The only game I've streamed from my PS4 ever is Bloodborne so I've not encountered this issue but apparently some games have blocked scenes in them.  So when you reach that scene, the PS4 cuts the video feed to your stream and only you can see it.  I think the idea is to prevent spoilers or to get around copyright problems with music or some shit but either way this whole thing is complete bullshit.

Let's take it from the spoilers angle first because this makes no fucking sense.  I get that companies don't want people spoiling a new game because it may ruin the experience or may even lose them a sale if the person who got spoiled decides not to buy the game after hearing them.  But then again, why the fuck would anyone watch a stream for a game that they don't want spoiled?  Are they fucking stupid?  Not only that but it doesn't even come close to solving the spoiler issues because the player still saw those spoilers and there isn't anything stopping him from going on one of the many social media outlets and writing them all over the place for the world to see.

Then there's the issue of copyright which is a little more serious but ultimately still complete bullshit.  Check out my Silent Hill speed run from a while back

 Notice something about this video?  NO FUCKING AUDIO.  That's because there's apparently some kind of copyright issue with the song in the opening which caused Twitch to MUTE THE WHOLE FUCKING THING, yes I'm upset.  Anyway the point is that Twitch does this on an automated system so there isn't any need to block the video footage and disrupt the whole scene because of copyrights on the sound.  If they KNOW there's an issue with copyrighting within a given scene and can block the scene, why can't they just mute the audio.  Tell the PS4 to mute the mic and mute the game sound or something, sure but at least keep the video footage up because subjecting people to a few minutes of black screen for no real reason is complete shit.

Anyway, with that in mind I'm leaning towards playing X-X2 HD on PC instead but I'm a little worried about that because my computer is a great honking piece of shit  and if that version doesn't run properly that means I'm gonna have to buy it AGAIN on PS4 and just have to deal with black screen blocked bullshit during certain scenes.  Nothing is ever fucking easy is it?

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