Monday, 13 June 2016

Day 1 Purchasing

When a new game gets released it can be an exciting thing.  Granted, I'm the kind of person who has become so jaded by disappointing releases over the years that I personally don't get too hyped any more, but I do remember a time when a new release would have me jumping for joy.  

But is it really worth running to the store and grabbing that new game? Or is it better to just wait? 

Well the answer to that question depends on what kind of game it is.  If it's a game with an online focus then maybe it is in your best interest to drop the first day money on it.  This may be doubly true if it's a game that isn't AAA developed or particularly mainstream.  Waiting on the title may mean by the time you get there the title will be dead and that's no fun at all.  

However for everything else?  I'd say it's almost always better to wait it out.  Let's take a sort of old example to illustrate my point.  

Dead Space was a game that I bought day 1 back in my University days for about £35.  It was a good game and I don't regret the purchase as such but looking at the page on Amazon for it it now costs £13 new or used for like £2 

Granted you may be a bit behind the times with this approach and you risk running into spoilers but you'll end up saving so much more money to buy even more games or other things.  Hell, Dead Space is an old example but a lot of titles see a drop in price even after a week or so.  If it's a single player game especially I'm sure it won't kill you to wait a week or 2.  Maybe then you can buy a whole bunch at once and go on a nice binge.

If you're blogging or streaming and you want to build a following then maybe playing the latest games is the best idea but your average joe should probably just wait it out.  Of course, if there's a company you really love then absolutely buy it new to show support but most of the time a little patience could save you a pretty penny.  

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