Saturday, 4 June 2016

Making Games is Hard

So I've been toying with the idea of making a video game for a long LONG time.  I never really knew where to start and I don't know anything about coding so that's always been a big barrier for me.  But nowadays the entry way into game development isn't quite as out of grasp as it used to be. 

There are tons of programs and resources online now for a budding game developer to get him or herself off the ground.  Things like Unity, GameMaker, RPGMaker and a ton of others all provide manageable shit for a complete newbie to get started with.  There are also pages and pages of articles and hours and hours of video tutorials on how to do things so with enough tenacity and patience you could realistically start teaching yourself some basic shit.

Now I said before I've been toying with the idea of making a game but it isn't until recently I decided to get off my arse and actually attempt it.  What's funny is that I've not actually even attempted to make anything playable just yet, I've spent all my time writing all my ideas down and outlining what I want this future masterpiece to play and look like because I feel that otherwise it's all just going to end up being a mess as old ideas leave my memories and new ones enter.  I'm aiming to make the game in Unity but I've not even started messing around with that just yet and the idea of having to learn the ins and outs is a little daunting.  However some quick preliminary searches on how to do certain things has showed that there is a supportive community that are more than happy to help newcomers

While my current work in progress is nothing but a mishmash of documents right now it's that first step which was the hardest.  If you're like me and you feel like you have a good idea for a game then don't just sit on it, download something and start working on it.  It's not easy by any stretch but you may be surprised to see just how much support there is for people who know absolutely nothing to at least get something done.

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