Saturday, 18 June 2016


Breakout is one of those games that I think everyone has played at some point in their life.  Well this little indie edition from 2011 finally got knocked off my backlog about a week ago so I have to do my obligatory blog post on it.

This is where I'd talk about whatever story the game has, but who gives a fuck?  It's breakout for crying out loud.  There IS a minor story about a wizard who comes to a destroyed town and has to travel across the land to bring their king back and rebuild the town while he's doing it.  You wouldn't be blamed for just skipping your way through the scenes that explain all that though.

Game play is pretty standard breakout stuff.  You control a small stick at the bottom of the screen and you have to bounce the ball into the blocks and enemies and once they are all gone you move to the next stage.  Of course, the main character is a wizard so you can do a little more than just batting the ball back and forth though.  You can use a magic meter to shoot fireballs, change the way the ball is going, enchant it with fire so it doesn't bounce back as it breaks things and you can control it too.  Magic is limited and refills can be hard to get so you really have to use it strategically though so it doesn't make the game a complete push over.

Each level contains 11 stages and these feature bonus rooms to earn gold and lives.  You can use the gold to rebuild the town which will net you certain rewards or to buy power ups if you find a shop mid stage.  Power ups include multi ball, a sticky ball, a long stick and other things that I didn't use but saw available for purchase.  There's also a side quest where you have to collect runes to unlock some extra stages and save some characters but I don't know what finishing this does for the player since I didn't bother after the first 2.

Wizorb isn't some epic game that everyone should try but if you're looking for something cheap and fun this is a good bet.  I mean it's fucking breakout with a wizard, you can't really go wrong here, go play it.

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