Saturday, 11 June 2016

24 Hours of Euro Truck Simulator: The Truckening

OH BOY! Remember that laugh a minute 24 hour marathon of Euro Truck Simulator I did?!  You don't?!  Not surprising since it's the only marathon I've done where I've not lasted the full 24 hours.  Unfortunately I got drunk and ended up rage quitting when I managed to barrel roll my truck off a hill 19 hours into the marathon.  Of course, I paid a penalty to the charity but the fact I never completed that marathon has always bugged me.

Then a friend of mine came along and donated £50 to the charity as a way of forcing me into doing it again, so here's the post announcing when that shit is going to go down!  My schedule is actually pretty busy so unfortunately it will be next month and as of right now the date will be July 23rd.

As before, there will be incentives for me to drink heavily (starting a bit later this time) and prizes to be won so watch this space and get ready to go truckin'

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