Saturday, 11 March 2017

Don't Worry I'm Not Dead

You may have noticed recently that written posts have become a little few and far between.  Considering that written content used to come daily I thought I should address why things have sort of ground to a halt.

Work is the biggest offender since getting home at 8:30-9pm  and then having to do a bunch of shit makes finding time to write posts hard but also I'm a lazy piece of shit who tends to collapse into bed for a pre stream nap.  Going is also a big thing where I'll intend to go and have a few drinks with a buddy come home write and then maybe stream a little and then what happens is I stay out until 5am and then I'm just flat out too tired the next day because of my own stupidity.

Still, not all content because of bullshit and my social life has halted, if you're not following the stream then you should go and do that because I'm trying to stream daily during the week.  As I type this post multiple parts of the Gauntlet playthough are being processed so they can be uploaded in the coming week and I'm hopefully going to have time to backlog a bunch of posts to upload in the next few days.

There's also a new YouTube feature that I'm working on so hopefully that'll see the light of day some time soon and of course there's always the stream which I'm trying to do as often as possible so be sure to follow there for the most stuff.

As always thanks for the continued support and hopefully things will be a little more frequent from now

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