Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Gaming Log March 16th

Today has just been full of absolute shit.

I woke up and did next to no gaming in the morning just because shit was cold and I didn't want to get out of  the bed.  The little gaming I did do involved firing up Dungeon Travelers on the train and just having a bunch of story dumped on me.

Then I come home and I do a Mega Man 4 speed run which I fucked up immensely and ended up getting a 50:01 time which is just crap and then Waifu Wednesday happened.

So if you missed the first post, Waifu Wednesday is a little stream bit I do every week where I play Japanese dating sims.  There are millions of these games and I'm here to explore the genre live so that you can get some insight into the appeal of these games.  Anyway, today I'm playing and everything is grand.  There's a girl I'm after who I'm in good standing with, my test scores are getting slowly better, everything seems great.  But then I get a message saying "some girls have been saying things about you at school", so I call up my info guy and I get this screen

The little bomb markers mean that these chicks are pissed off for some reason and if I don't fix it then they'll start spreading rumors around the school.  So I try and fix it but there were too many of them and too many mandatory events eating my time.  Not to mention one girl rejected my offer to take her out like 4 fucking times so even though I was trying desperately to remove that bomb marker, she wasn't having ANY of it.  So of course, the rumors pop and this happens

Now everyone hates my guts except for that one ugly girl with the mullet.  From there, my Tokimeki life just went to complete shit.  I nearly got kicked out of the yearly Christmas party, chicks don't want to walk home with me, on valentines day I got 0 chocolate from anybody (chicks give dudes Chocolate on Valentines in Japan) and I failed my University entrance exam. 

The whole aim of Tokimeki Memorial is to build up a relationship with a girl and then ask her to be your girlfriend under some legendary love tree at the end of the game.  On this play through however, every girl basically wanted me dead so I got this for an ending

Fuck it, my right hand will never spread rumors and betray me......

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