Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Japan Heat Wave

I've not done a non-gaming Japan post in a while but given the current situation out here I feel now is a good time to do so.


Now I know Japan isn't anything quite like England when it comes to weather.  Japan actually has weather other than overcast and rainy for starters and usually temperatures hit about 30-something degrees in the summer however this year the weather has been taking the piss a little bit.

It's now at the point where the news is having to report on the number of people who are DYING from just how hot it is.  This is insane considering that Japan has a pretty good relationship with the air conditioner but even a short amount of time is enough to drain someone of all their life force and leave them as a dry husk on the pavement.  Lord help if you if you're a child or over 70.


Luckily for me, I'm more than happy to sit underneath my AC with a huge bottle of ice water and a stack of video games.  I defy you to try and tell me that global warming isn't a thing, come over here and say it to my thermometer

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  1. Stay cool and safe. Forest fires getting to be a serious problem over here but it's not so hot but the hottest summer in Sweden since records began 260 years ago! Just a hosepipe ban and a ban on BBQ-ing outside. Neither of which affects us thank goodness. Don't miss a garden at all lol