Monday, 19 January 2015


Generally speaking, I've been trying to avoid games released this year for the duration of January.  This is because I want the stores to fill up with a few releases before I dig in AND it gives me a month to smash a game or two from my bottomless backlog.

But then one day over the weekend I stumbled across Echoes+, a freeware game on Steam.  I hear a lot of people comparing Echoes+ to Asteroids with a lot of comments being "Asteroids on steroids" but I disagree ever so slightly with this statement.  The game is essentially Asteroids and there is so much shit flying around the screen that "on steroids" is an accurate comment too.  However if there was one game I would compare it to it's Geometry Wars.

Geometry Wars was an arena shooter where you shoot neon shapes and shit gets so crazy it's sometimes hard to see whats going on.  Echoes+ is an arena shooter where you shoot at neon orbs and shit gets so crazy sometimes it's hard to see what's going on.  While Asteroids on steroids isn't wrong I think the term "Freeware Geometry Wars" much better describes what you are getting with this game.

Comparisons aside,  Echoes+ is a really fun little game.  You just shoot like crazy and get as many points as you can before you die.  There are various power ups to keep you going and games are fast and don't last too long so it's great to kill a little time with.

The game also comes with an absolute fuckton of modes.  There is a standard "blast through 10 levels" mode as well as a time attack, survival, special enemy modes and a classic Asteroids type game.  The game also comes with leader boards so you can compare your scores with other people online.

Just go play Echoes+, just give it a go.  It costs 0 money and a single play won't even take up that much of your time.  If you do enjoy these kind of games I'm warning you it's rather addictive and contains a lot of content considering its price point.

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