Thursday, 26 February 2015

New Final Fantasy Incentives!

OK! I've been making some good progress on FF6 so it's about time to add some new Final Fantasy themed donation incentives to the blog!

The first isn't entirely new but it's pretty recent and that's a 24 hour session of Final Fantasy 7.  This will be available until a week after I finish Final Fantasy 6 so if you want to see that get your donations in ASAP.  I promise that this time I won't be doing any drinking (unless it's an energy drink) during the Stream so we don't have to worry about me getting drunk and falling asleep again like I did with Euro Truck.

The second is for me to go one entire disc of Final Fantasy 8 and only being allowed to say nice things about it.  I'm sorry FF8 fans, but I fucking hate that game and I could spend a long LOOONG time ragging on it.  However, someone suggested to me that I should offer this as an incentive because 1.  Actual fans of the game might get a kick out of hearing me sing it's praises and 2. It would hurt my soul.  The people who suggest incentives to me are rather sadistic.

The third incentive is a bit hefty at a total of £500 raised to get it but I think it's easily worth that price after doing some research.  I'm referring to a no junction run of Final Fantasy 8 which is a particularly difficult type of challenge for that game.  In case you don't know what I mean, in FF8 you can increase your stats by junctioning spells to them.  Considering the game has monsters that scale in level with you Junctioning is pretty important.  No Junction is exactly what it says on the tin, I'm not allowed to do that at all.  After reading a quick guide on gamefaqs to see if it was even possible, it seems that the game is stupidly hard and the final boss is ALMOST impossible.  If you ever needed an excuse to prolong my suffering, then donate for that.

The final incentive moves away from FF8 and goes into FF10 territory with No Yojimbo.  I promised when this started that I would go after secret bosses and such when playing these games.  In FF10 this includes a number of very challenging fights known as the Dark Aeons and when you kill them you have to content with the games toughest enemy, Penance.  Yojimbo is one of the summon creatures in FF10 but has a weird gimmick where the attack he uses is based on how much you pay him.  One of his attacks, called Zanmato, instantly kills any enemy in the game including Dark Aeons and Penance.  A cheap incentive of £100 in order to disallow me from being a cheap bitch.

If you wish to donate for these or any of the other incentives found on the right hand side of the page, please go do it at this link

Just so you know, none of the money donated comes anywhere near me and it goes directly to the charity.  BT also don't take any commission on donations so if you donate £10 then £10 will go to the Alzheimer's Society.

Thanks to everyone who have donated so far for supporting me, this website and the Alzheimer's Society, let's keep going!

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