Friday, 6 February 2015

RIP Monty Oum

A few days ago I stumbled on a sad piece of news and I'd like to take a moment just to say a few words about what happened. 

Monty Oum, an incredibly talented animator who did stuff for Rooster Teeth died on February 1st from an allergic reaction.  He did a bunch of stuff but was most noted for his work on Red Vs Blue and RWBY.

For me personally, I never really watched Red Vs Blue and admittedly I'd never heard of RWBY until very recently.  That said, this news still saddens me because I enjoyed a lot of his earlier works such as Haloid and Dead Fantasy.  Haloid was an awesome 3D animation of Master Chief and Samus having a fight and Dead Fantasy was a similar series that featured a Final Fantasy/Dead or Alive crossover. 

These are quite old, I must have only been in high school when they came out but I remember discovering Haloid on Gametrailers and watching that shit on repeat because I thought it was so damn cool.  I spent many a late night watching those animations and Oum was clearly a very talented guy.

I'd highly suggest giving the name a Google and checking out his stuff.

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