Monday, 13 July 2015

RIP Satoru Iwata

This is a piece of news that didn't so much slap me in the face as much as it kicked in the front door to my house and smashed my jaw in with a pair of mithril knuckle dusters.

Satoru Iwata passed away on the 11th July 2015 it what is an extremely sad and dark day for the gaming industry at large.  It doesn't matter if are the biggest Nintendo fanboy of all time or if you thought that everything the company produced was crap, the death of such a talented individual is nothing less than a tragedy.

A man who got his start working at HAL Laboratory and eventually moving up to become the company president, he was a rare kind of big wig.  Usually when people think about the suits or the higher ups at these companies you imagine people who know lots about how a business should be run but diddly jack shit about video games.  Well Iwata was exactly not that, the guy had worked on things like Mario, Kirby, Earthbound, Zelda and other things.  Under his command Nintendo did stupidly well with the DS and the Wii and that knowledge of games that he got from being a programmer really shone through in his role of president. 

He was still actually pretty young at 55 which makes this event all the more worse.  Gamers world wide are mourning the loss of this man but at the very least he left a mark on the industry that no one will ever forget his contributions. 

Gone but absolutely not forgotten, rest in peace.

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