Thursday, 30 July 2015

New Prize System

So my old system for prizes was shit and confusing, so I changed it.  Also my prizes were shit, so I removed em and added a new one!

So, instead of a complicated system of drawing raffle tickets or whatever, you just donate a minimum value and wait for the draw date to happen.  Then I contact you so we can set up how you receive the prize and then you get it.  Easy, huh?

Also my prizes were a bunch of crap so I removed them all and made the PC Steam version of Final Fantasy 7 available in conjunction with the FF7 marathon happening on August 8th.  You can start donating for the prize RIGHT NOW and the winner will be drawn on the 10th.  There is no minimum value so you could donate £1 and you'd be eligible to win, just write "Prize 1" or "FF7 on Steam Prize" in your donation comment so I know that's what your donating for.

More prizes and giveaways will be done in the future so watch this page

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