Saturday, 1 August 2015

"Clicker" Is a Genre Now?

So recently I've seen a few of these games pop up on Steam and there are probably tons more of these kind of games on mobile devices but I can't help but ask why the fuck does anyone bother with these kind of games?

Clicker, as far as I'm aware, started out a few years ago with a silly browser based game called Cookie Clicker.  I'm not sure if this was the first "Clicker" game but it was the first one that I caught wind of that had any kind of attention given to it.  Admittedly, I played it for a while and even made a blog post about it which you can find if you use the search function at the top.  But after a day or two of leaving it idle in the background to gather cookies things got dull and me and my fellow cookie clicking buddies never touched or heard of it again.

Then recently I start seeing all these fucking clicking games on Steam.  Clicker Heroes, Time Clickers, Tap Tap Infinity and most recently Sakura Clicker which comes will full on paid DLC.  This is just on Steam alone but I dread to think how many of these kind of games are on iOS or the android store.

I just don't see the appeal of these titles and who are these people playing these games to warrant multiple people to develop their on spin on "click the thing until the numbers get bigger".  They are the very definition of a pointless time sink and even stupid mobile games like Puzzle and Dragon have more worth as games than these piles of stupid bullshit.

Just thinking about Steam alone, go and check out their free to play section and there are quite a few actual fucking games that you could be playing instead of these stupid clicker things.  Hell, You Have To Win The Game alone is EASILY more worth your time than any of the 4 clicker titles I mentioned two paragraphs ago and you should go play that instead.  At least that is an actual game

I KIND of see the appeal of these kind of thing as a browser based game that you fuck about with during boring moments at work, or as a mobile thing that you can fuck with for a few seconds while you wait to cross a road or something but Jesus Christ, Steam.  You have literally thousands of games, some of them free and some of them less than £4 that you could be playing and instead there are people choosing to play this brain dead crap?!

Oh well, guess I really shouldn't judge, but these games will play themselves and I like to actually have some input towards doing well in a title, but that's just me.

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