Sunday, 30 August 2015

3D Is Crap

Contrary to what the heading picture might make you think, I actually quite like my 3DS.  Just for the record that picture was taken by me when making a post about region locking.  The 3DS itself is actually pretty awesome, there are a ton of good games for that thing and the original model that I have is nice and compact unlike the mammoth Vita.

That said, today I went to see Jurassic World in 3D and it got me thinking just what a massive piece of shit 3D actually is.  Why do people care so much about it?  It's just annoying for both watching movies and playing games and doesn't actually add anything to the experience.  Hell the 3D isn't even really that good, having some objects or text in the foreground pop out a little bit isn't worth raving about on a console or spending the extra money for on a cinema ticket.

On the 3DS is extra annoying though because at least with a movie the screen isn't moving around.  Right now I'm playing Bravely Default which is OK for the 3D since it's an RPG and I can chill when playing it.  Previously though, I was playing Ocarina of time and that shit uses the fucking gyro inside in order to aim weapons and that REALLY fucks with the 3D since you have to hold it at some kind of sweet spot to get the effect.  Also if you're playing the thing on a train or a car that's being a little bumpy then fucking forget it, just turn that 3D slider all the way down because you ain't gonna get much out of that shit.

For a movie the screen itself isn't so much an issue but you have to wear those fucking glasses that I just find super annoying.  Especially if the movie is long they start to get really irritating but that could just be me.

But really, do you really gain anything by adding 3D to your game?  I'm not more immersed in the experience and instead I'm just pisses off because this gigantic waste of time is draining the battery faster.  You can immerse a player with good writing or engaging game play.  Adding a few poppy out objects to the game world doesn't actually add anything to the experience and I doubt there is really anybody who was wowed by this shit even when it was new.

3D can fuck off

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