Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dr Green

So this is a game I finished a month or two ago that I got off Steam for essentially no money and while I wasn't really expecting anything I was pleasantly surprised by this simple yet fun platformer.

So the game starts out and you are introduced to Dr Green, a kid who was abandoned in the forest and grew up with the critters.  Eventually some evil dudes come and try to tear his forest down in order to put up a parking lot (not literally) and it is up to you as Dr Green to fight them off and send their evil building projects packing.

The game itself is very simple, just move to the right, shoot the dudes and reach the end of the stage.  Once you get there fight a boss then rinse and repeat the process until the end of the game.  The game, which it admits to on the steam page, is clearly inspired by games like Megaman which is fine but the game doesn't really try to do anything new or unique.  You aren't going to be getting any kind of breath of fresh air here but what you are getting is a solid platformer with some pretty good level design and nice music.

Since the game is so simple and so solidly put together its really hard to find anything to complain about but there were a few little things that pissed me off.  The levels themselves, especially the later ones are actually quite challenging which was nice but every single boss the game has to offer is a complete easy mode pushover.  If you are any kind of good at mashing the fire button then the bosses will be even less challenging and it's a shame that each level ends on such a low note.  Also while I didn't run into many glitches there was one moment where I died during a boss phase transition and the game soft locked and I had to do the whole fucking stage over.  Nothing deal breaking but just a few annoyances.

The game was obviously designed for speed running as each stage has a timer and the game itself isn't particularly long.  Then again, it's insanely cheap at £2 and it is worth picking up if you're looking for something short, cheap and fun in order to kill a lazy weekend with.  Give it a go, if you like this kind of thing you won't be disappointed

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