Monday, 14 September 2015

Too Much Moe Spoils The System

I like the Vita, a lot of people give it a lot of stick for having no games or for being a bit shitty in the west, which may be true, but it's a solid system with enough good titles to make it worth owning.

Now, I'm not against a bit of fan service in games quite the contrary.  I don't want to play deep cerebral experiences all the damn time, sometimes I just want to fire up a game and shoot stuff, fight people or ogle pretty girls.  These games need to exist because I don't want 100% of gaming to be all emotionally draining shit like Nier or Shadow of the Colossus or have crazy thought provoking narratives like Silent Hill, sometimes a guy just wants to unwind with something easy.

There does come a point though where it starts to feel like too much though.  Whenever I enter a game store in Japan I walk over to the Vita section and the only thing I can see from one side of the shelf to the other is fan service type moe games.  I can't help but feel it's getting to the point where it's too much for the same reason I don't as previously mentioned.  Sometimes I just want to unwind with something easy to understand and stimulating to a very base part of my brain but sometimes I want more than that and well, the Vita is disappointing me on that area.

Not to say that there aren't any deeper experiences to be had on the Vita but they are buried under piles of doe eyed anime girls not wearing much and casting insane magic spells.  I don't spend much time using PSN so I'm hoping that maybe there are some downloadable titles with a bit more depth to them but if you want to get physical like I like to do your collection might make you look a bit strange.

C'mon, I love my Vita but I want to be able to use it outside, as intended, without feeling like I'm being judged by every passer by in the street.  Hopefully my trip to TGS next week will show me some games that I can get really excited for and tell other people about without looking like a lonely otaku.

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