Sunday, 16 August 2015

Back From Hong Kong!

You'll have to forgive me since the last week or so have been a bit slow on updates but this was due to a vacation from work and a trip to Hong Kong!  However now I'm back in Nagoya so I can go back to sitting on my ass, playing games and updating this blog but before I do that I'll share a few thoughts on Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a nice place but it suffers from all the problems that places like London, Tokyo and Paris suffer from of being busy, kind of dirty and full of generally annoying people (more on that later).  That said, the fact I was only there for 4 days and going out of my way to see the best the city had to offer meant that my stay was actually rather enjoyable.  It's an amazing city filled with so many huge buildings that I'm surprised I didn't get any vertigo just by looking up.

The most enjoyable day for me was my second day where I went to Lantau Peak and looked at a bunch of temples and other cool cultural stuff like that.  The experience that stood out the most in my mind was going up a mountain to look at the "Path of Wisdom", which is a area littered with huge pillars made of wood which have stuff written on them that I couldn't see.  The whole area looked like something out of an RPG or something and with my camera still firmly locked away in my rucksack I'll leave it to your own googling if you want to see what I'm talking about.

Aside from that I spent most of the time just exploring the city and checking out things like malls, the river side, a night market and a bunch of other stuff.  Dotted around the town are a number of restaurants all of which are host to some absolutely amazing food for a surprisingly reasonable price.  That said, if you got used to the kind of service that the Japanese provide, the service provided by service staff in Hong Kong can feel a little lacking.  I'm sure most people don't think anything of this but I've been spoiled my Japanese service for far too long.

Finally my point about the people which I was kind of over exaggerating when I said the place is "filled" with annoying types but there sure are a lot of stupid assholes trying to approach and sell you shit you don't want.  I lost count after the 5th time or so but the number of dudes coming up to me and asking me to buy bespoke suits was fucking staggering.  This wouldn't be so bad on it's own but these guys will follow you up and down the fucking street trying to convince you to go to their shop.  Other dudes blocking my path to try and herd me into designer watch shops and weirdos whispering "weed or hash" into my ear as I walked by were other particularly annoyances but generally speaking, despite my previous comment, the people of Hong Kong were friendly and helpful.

So yeah, that's enough travel shit for now, I'll get back to the games! 

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