Thursday, 24 December 2015

Game of the Year? Who cares?

The end of the year is nearly upon us and you know what this means?  Every single piece of shit website in the world putting up their lists of "best games of 2015!"  Well who fucking cares?  It's not like anyone can agree on what the best game was anyway.

Now, me moaning about this shit doesn't mean that I think 2015 was a bad year for gaming, quite the opposite really, 2015s actually been pretty damn good.  The reason I'm taking time out of my day to moan about GotY articles is because they are so fucking pointless and predictable that without even looking I can guess what some of the winners or nominees are going to be.  Let's just list off a few that will probably get awarded something

Witcher 3
Fallout 4
Xenoblade X
Mario Maker

just to name a few.  But what do all these games have in common?  Well it's the fact that you already fucking know they are really good.  People have gone to great lengths to talk about these games BECAUSE they are so good, so why the fuck do you need some twat on IGN who couldn't tell a controller from a horse dildo to re-tell you that these games are great?

These articles have exactly one purpose, and that's so fucking kids can brag about how daddy got them GotY for Christmas or whatever?

"Uhh what did you get for Christmas?"
"I got Mario Maker"
"Well that game sucks because my mummy gave me Fallout 4 and THAT was Gamespot's GotY 2015 don't ya know" *smug smug smug*

No one over the age of fucking 15 gives a shit what the game of the year is.  Are people so insecure about their own fucking opinions on games that they need to have them validated by twats writing for big news sites?

But wait, here's the best part!  I promise you, beyond a shadow of a doubt that most of these writers voting on and deciding the best games of 2015 haven't even begin to dig through the thousands of titles that were released in the year.  All these fucking websites are probably happily skipping over a ton of games that got buried under AAA hype or shit that didn't ever get an English release.  Sure, you can name Dancing All Night as 2015s best rhythm game but have ANY of these writers played Chunithm?  Musica?  RevX Beat? the latest versions of IIDX or any other long standing Konami arcade rhythm game?  No of course they fucking haven't.  I imagine that the pool of games that they have enough knowledge about in order to vote on is actually pretty small and that's what really makes these lists a complete waste of time.

Share your favorites with your friends, that's a great idea because maybe your buddy played something that you missed but don't waste your time with these stupid fucking IGN, Gamespot, Polygon fucking stupid lists.  You already know what's on them and you've probably already played them or heard them talked about to death.  Why not go dig through the steam listings or your local game store to see if you can find a hidden 2015 gem?  Seems like a better use of your time then being told that the good thing was good.

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