Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The New YouTube Rules

Oh boy, YouTube have really kicked up a storm here.  Very recently they decided to change some of their rules when it comes to monetizing videos and people are NOT happy.  Let's start with an image of the new rules shall we?

Now from what I've been reading, the reason people are pissed off mainly revolves around that final bullet point.  There are lots of vloggers and youtubers who discuss so called "controversial" topics that are starting to get denied or have lost monetization on their videos since these new rules have been put in place.  It's shitty because it allows YouTube to punish users who hold opinions that may be considered "offensive" or if they don't agree with the status quo.

Some of them are either unimportant or make sense.  For example YouTube has ALWAYS had a problem with sex stuff, I mean it's an American based company and we all know just how prudish Americans can be when it comes to sex stuff.  Also the thing about drugs sort of makes sense to me.  No matter what you're opinion on certain substances are, drugs are at the end of the day, illegal so promoting them is probably not a good idea.

However from my stand point it's the general vagueness of the rules that grinds my gears.  For example am I not allowed to make a dick joke in any of my videos any more?  That point about inappropriate language is also very strange.  If I'm doing a play through and something bullshit happens am I not allowed to curse.  Every death in a game now being followed with "Oh fiddlesticks!" or something equally PG13.  Makes me wonder if the Angry Video Game Nerd has been hit with this bullshit at all?

Granted, YouTube have NOT said that this content isn't allowed on their site, just that you aren't allowed to monetize it.  With that in mind though, without the incentive to get paid for their work, I'm sure there are plenty of uploaders who will not be creating as much content for the site as before.

As much as I'm talking about this though a quick flick through my video manager and none of my stuff has had its advertising taken away and it's not like I'm some kind of saint so maybe it's not all as bad as it seems.  Only time will tell

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