Saturday, 10 September 2016

Video Games Helping People Walk

No, I'm not about to make a jokey post about so called "lazy gamers" being forced outside by recent mobile hit Pokemon Go but instead I'm going to quickly talk about something amazing I found about a week ago regarding VR and medical science.

Apparently the deal is people are using VR and some other apparatus in order to help paraplegics gain some function back in their legs.  Of course its not just a case of shoving them into the occulus and then BAM PRESTO they can walk again, but some steps have been made for these people to regain some control and improve their quality of life.

For the original story please check it out at this link

I feel its important to point out stories like this because all too often games are demonized for shit that isn't inherently their fault.  Let's face it, the Oculus was designed in order to be the leap in gaming but here are a bunch of people adapting it in order to do some really good stuff.  One quick google search on this story shows that there aren't any modern gaming outlets reporting this story, probably because they are too busy writing about made up controversy for clicks.

Hopefully VR will not only change gaming for the better but will find itself being used for all sorts of good stuff like this, it's quite the invention.

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