Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Japan is Occassionally Fulll of Shit Too

I spend most of my time gushing about Japan and Japanese games and I wouldn't be surprised if a reader of this blog thought that I'm one of those insufferable weeaboos who can find no wrong with the country.  Quite the opposite actually but a lot of my problems with the country lie outside the world of gaming so I don't touch on them so much.  However I was recently linked an article by a friend of mine telling me about something gaming related that IS bullshit.

Kamaitachi no Yoru is a viual novel game that I have touched upon a few times on this blog.  It's a series of choose your own adventure stories and especially in the first game, finding out who the killer was in the murder mystery was no easy task, you really had to play a sort of detective role and it was awesome.  The series is famous for not only its story telling but its artistic style where the backgrounds are populated by blue silhouettes that represent the characters.

So this article talks about an upcoming remake of the first Kamaitachi no Yoru which despite being already remade out the arse isn't exactly a bad thing it's a certain change they made to the game that has me foaming at the mouth.

LOOK AT THAT SHIT.  The blue silhouettes are being replaced with fucking stupid anime bullshit in a game that had NO PLACE for stupid anime bullshit.  I'm not against this kind of thing usually but in this series it just doesn't belong.  I sort of had a view of these characters being in their mid 30s to early 40s and now they've been replaced by twats that look like they are on winter vacation from their high school.  Stylistic shit aside, the inclusion of this anime crap detracts from the overall story.  It was a lot more tense and even scary at some points BECAUSE it was just blue people on  the screen.  You came up with your own very idea of what these people looked like and they were much more relatable as a result.  I'm not going to give a shit about MC potentially meeting a gruesome death with the killer if it's just an anime guy but I sure as fuck made every decision carefully when I was playing out the whole thing in my head like a mid 90s TV Drama.

I understand why they are doing it though.  The game is made by Chunsoft, a company that has seen a lot of success with its recent line of Zero Escape games

On the flip side, their recent release of Kamaitachi no Yoru on the Vita was met with not so much success but with it being one of their longest running series it's no wonder they want it to appeal to a modern audience and so, just like Zero Escape, we now have yet another VN filled with anime people.

Nothing is sacred

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