Wednesday, 23 November 2016

PPAP Can Kiss My Ass

I know this isn't video game related but it isn't very often that some kind of strange viral video from Japan pisses me off THIS MUCH.  If you want to watch it yourself go to YouTube and type in PPAP but I will NOT be linking this abomination of a song on this site.

The song itself is a 50 second ditty created by Kazuhito Kosaka under the alias Piko Taro.  The song consists of the dude doing a stupid dance to some background beat that sounds like he ripped it from one of the preset tunes from a cheap electronic keyboard while he sings about apples and pens in English.  The song is shit, his English is shit and ultimately there's no fucking joke.  HA HA! HE SAID SOME WORDS IN A THICK JAPANESE ACCENT THAT MAKE NO SENSE! SO FUCKIN' FUNNY RIGHT?!  I'm not so much upset with the fact that it exists but it's gotten so widely popular that I just can't understand it.  I mean it got to number 2 on a top 100 list for crying out loud, what the fuck is wrong with people?!

Now maybe I'm a bit more adverse to this kind of shit than most because I work with kids and kids are fucking stupid.  Almost every day at work I will catch one of the goddamn kids yelling "I HAVE A PEN!" then laughing it up like he or she is the height of goddamn comedy.  But kids are stupid so I'm not going to hold that against them.  When I start getting pissed off is when I'm trying to enjoy a meal in a quiet bar with a friend on a Sunday evening and we can't hear our conversation because the next booth full of fucking CUNTS next to us are belting out the song so fucking loud that we can't hear our own damn conversation.

I hope this fad dies and then never returns,  Japan produces a lot of unfunny shit that people seem to give a free pass but this is the worst.  Yes I'm mad, yes I'm petty but fuck you PPAP can inhale the shit from my anus like a hookah pipe.

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