Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Pixels Movie

A few days ago a few of my friends started posting a trailer for a movie called Pixels on Facebook.  The first thing I saw as I scrolled past it was a giant Pac-Man eating a fire truck as it exploded into pixel blocks.  So of course I had to go on YouTube and check this shit out.  Before I say anymore you should also go and check out the trailer.

I'm a little torn on my thoughts with this trailer.  Part of me thinks it looks awesome and the idea of a video game themed alien invasion sounds kind of funny and considering that this is supposed to be a comedy then that's already a point in it's favor.  Also I really like the way the characters look, I think that shimmery effect lookin' thing on the video game characters looks awesome.

The reason I'm torn on it though is because it looks like it's going to be all referential comedy which is the worst.  It's like they as just going "HEY GUYS! LOOK AT PAC MAN! YOU LIKE PAC MAN RIGHT?!" and when they are not doing that some of the "jokes" are just flat out bad.  There's a part in the trailer where Donkey Kong chucks a barrel and the guys like "it's just a barrel, how bad can it hurt?" where it then precedes to explode right next to him and knock him for 6.  I'm not going to be entertained JUST because you put a big fat Pac Man on the screen and you have to do more with the jokes than just "barrels explode lol"

The gag featuring the Iwatani where he gets his hand bitten by his own creation made me smirk a little but that gag is ruined now because you went and showed it in the trailer and I doubt I'm going to find it as funny a second time.

Also Adam Sandler.....

But whatever, despite the movies probable suckage I'm still willing to go check it out and I'll probably have some fun with it.  Fingers crossed that the movies writers actually write some clever jokes but considering it's a movie about video game cameos in an action/comedy film I HIGHLY doubt it.

Also didn't Futurama do something like this once?

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