Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Fuck Is GDC Anyway?

As someone who claims to love the medium of video games I have no idea if I should be embarrassed by the above question or not.  Judging from what I've heard about GDC2015 though, probably not.

I know very little about GDC.  I know that it stands for Game Developers Conference and that it's some kind of big event.  Judging from the name I would guess its a time for game developers to get together, show off their latest shit and talk about the industry.  I've never once followed any of the GDC events and I still don't see a reason to.  I'm not lacking in any information about upcoming games and if anything huge did happen I'm sure it would be plastered everywhere for me to see anyway.

That said, I have friends who follow GDC and I have people on twitter who pay attention to the goings on and judging from what they've posted regarding the event it seems to have very little to do with video games.  Everything I've seen about GDC is about social justice issues (Read: Bullshit), online bullying and all sorts of other stupid non game related crap.  The biggest thing that seems to be flying around my twitter feed these days is that Tim Schafer, a fat hack who hasn't produced anything of quality since Psychonauts, made some kind of GamerGate joke with a sock puppet or some shit.

Seriously, a big conference about the games industry and the biggest news going around the web right now is about a fat man making shit jokes during a speech?!  Why the fuck should ANYONE give a shit about GDC if this is the case?  I've not heard ONE thing regarding video games but I'd sure as hell love it if someone clued me in as to what actual gaming related stuff went down at that event.

When I went to the Tokyo Game Show last year it was just wall to wall games.  Games on show, games to try and developers coming out to talk about their fucking games.  There was a little bit of cosplay going on in the back but most of it was game themed so I'll forgive that.  GDC on the other hand seemed to be about everything BUT fucking games.

Someone please explain the point of this shit to me, I'm actually completely stumped. 

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