Sunday, 21 August 2016

Bye Bye Gawker

A lot of people like to talk about the progression of news media such as how it all started with newspapers then moved to television and now we're in an age when we can get most of our news via the internet whenever and where ever we want.  So just like newspapers with their tabloid shitrags and TV with their gossip shows and whatnot, the internet of course has its own low brow bottom of the barrel bullshit with sites like Gawker.

What happened is that a while back Gawker posted a sex tape of famous wrestler Hulk Hogan and when they were asked to take it down they refused.  Mr Hogan then proceeds to sue the shit out of them and wins this case and now Gawker have to cough up some insane amount of cash.  Of course, the guy who runs the place, Nick Denton, can't afford that so Gawker have gone tits up and have been bought by some company called Univision.  A post of their website indicates that some time soon, Gawker will be ceasing operations

So what relevance does this have to the world of gaming?  Well if you're familiar with bullshit spouting cesspit Kotaku, they were one of the many websites that were under the Gawker banner.  It hasn't been confirmed the same way it has on the main Gawker website but hopefully Kotaku will be going the same way as Gawker Media and fucking off forever.

It's incredibly satisfying to see this happen because for a long time Gawker has been one of the sites with the most bullshit for a long long time constantly spouting social justice bullshit or re-posting other peoples work and presenting it as "news".  Back in my high school days Kotaku was nicknamed Slowtaku for being so massively behind on the times when it came to delivering stories but since the whole topic of Social Justice became the main controversy for gaming, they jumped on that bandwagon so hard that I'm surprised the wheels didn't fall off. 

I think one of their most famous examples of jumping on the social justice bandwagon was around the time when Dragons Crown came out.  One of the writers called the game sexist and offensive because of one character having large breasts so the artist responded with this

This is just one example but that website is full of know-nothing writers spouting their bullshit day in day out and hopefully we can see it perish.  It sucks that people may be out of a job but that's what you get for being a bullshit spouting, click bait writing hack for so long.  Fingers crossed that Kotaku vanishes and becomes nothing but a bad memory in the next few years.

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