Thursday, 4 August 2016

Not Dead

If you've been paying attention then you may have realized there hasn't actually been all that much content recently.  This is due to a mix of a number of things for example my work is currently in it's busiest season of the year and due to this I come home every evening as a worn out husk in no condition to even be standing up let alone writing articles.  Also Pokemon Go came out in Japan which has eaten up a quite frankly embarrassing amount of my time but that's something we'll talk about later.  These were the two big reasons but other things have prevented me from really doing anything more than the occasional stream.

I thought I'd touch base with this short article because a lack of content is a sure fire way for the Alzheimer's Society to get no money and we don't want that.  Luckily, the lack of posting DOESN'T mean that things haven't been going through my head in regards for stuff to do once I find time and energy.

For example, the Ozma donation incentive for the Final Fantasy 9 stream was met so you can be sure that I'll be suffering my way through hours of chocobo hot and cold in order to bring you that epic battle.  Also the Resident Evil marathon where I play the first 4 games in the series back to back has also been met and as mentioned in a previous post the stretch goals to extend that to 5, 6 and 0 have been now added to the donation page too!

The other piece of good news is that in Japan there's a holiday known as Obon coming up, which means that I essentially have a week of bugger all to do outside of gaming and the occasional bit of cooking for the missus.  This means I'll be able to catch up with my shit and HOPEFULLY have a daily stream of content to you guys once more!

Thanks for the understanding and continued support!