Monday, 13 April 2015

2 New Non-Regular Stream Segements and an event in the works!

So my stream right now mainly consists of speed runs and Final Fantasy so I thought I'd introduce two non-regular stream segments that I'll do whenever I'm not busy.

The first segment is called Friday Night Backlog Busting.  Basically, I'll be playing whatever my current games are live for you all to come and enjoy with me.   The idea behind this one being is that you can decide what my next game will be with a donation if you like or you can just leave it to me and let me smash my 500+ title long backlog.  Donations don't have to be for games I've never played before, if you just want to see something then donate for it, it's all good.

The second segment is called Speedrun Sunday and it's a day when I do assorted speed runs.  As it currently stands, I pick one speed game per week and play it every time I stream.  The Sunday Speed Run stream will just be me practicing/doing runs for whatever games I run.  I will allow people to donate to either choose the next run or they can donate slightly more to request a run that I will do on the spot.  This gives me a chance to practice all my runs and learn new ones so expect to see a lot of shitty times go down on the Sunday stream for a while.

Finally the next event is in the works which involves Rougelikes and Alcoholism so please look forward to that.  More details will be posted when things have been arranged.

Thanks for supporting the stream and I hope you all keep coming back to watch!

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