Thursday, 16 April 2015

Is Mortal Kombat X too Violent?

Hooray!  A new Mortal Kombat has been released and with it a whole new bunch of people complaining about how violent it is! 

I can kind of see what they mean even if it is still complete stupidity.  Back in the day when Mortal Kombat was just digitised sprites it was kind of hilarious but those games are long gone.  Graphics are now super realistic and stuff so seeing a dude getting cut or ripped in half seems a bit more real than it did back in the games first iteration.

That said, that doesn't make the violence in MKX "problematic" or "too much" or whatever.  We are talking about a series built on its gruesome fatalities performed at the end of the fights so who are these people who play it KNOWING that's what its all about and then taking to the internet to complain?  The series has been around since 1995 or so and this is the tenth game in the series so there's no way most people aren't aware of what they are getting when they pick it up.

I don't want to hear any of that "THINK OF THE CHILDREN!" argument either because that's total bullshit.  If you are a parent buying your child a copy of MKX then maybe you should hand that baby over to a different family because you sure as fuck aren't qualified for the job.  If teens get a hold of this game and they are the kind of people who can't differentiate this kind of violence with real world violence then again, that's not MKX's fault, that's more shitty parenting.

Don't these people who write these posts/articles get bored of being such joyless wankers?  If beating a dude to a bloody pulp before ripping out his heart with your bare hands isn't your thing then go play something else.  There are plenty of other, non violent games for you to be having fun with so why don't you go and play those instead of complaining about it on the internet. 

This controversy is as old as games itself and like most controversies with this medium it's a bunch of shit.  Games=Violence or Games=anything else are myths put forward by fucking idiots who don't play games and have no idea what they are on about.  Quit hatin' and just enjoy your own shit.

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