Monday, 6 April 2015

I miss simplicitcy

The last few days I've been busting out the retro games.  Thanks to a little bar near my house I've been able to get my game on with some actual hardware rather than emulators or shitty Chinese made multi systems.  I then come home and try to set up the WiiU that my wife bought me months ago and it was so much harder and I ended up not playing anything.

Back in the day it used to be very simple.  I would just buy a game, slam it into the system of choice and start playing.  Even up to the PS2 shit was as easy as buying the game, popping it in the tray and hitting go.  Of course, PC and home computers were a little bit more complex but the levels of bullshit were generally a bit lower.  The worst you'd come across with old PC games are titles that had 8 or 9 discs which is more of a pain in the ass than bullshit.

Nowadays though its a whole different ball game and even consoles don't provide any respite.  You buy any game for any system and you can't just put the fucking thing in and go.  First you have to download system updates and then when that's done you need to download game updates.  While that's bullshit I can still kind of handle that but there are games now that require you to sign into shit like Origin or UPlay or Xbox Live or some such crap and I just can't be fucked with that.  PC is actually a little better since all my shits in Steam but even Steam does this stupid "first time setup" thing that seems to take a million years every time I install a new game.

The other day my friend brought round a copy of Smash Brothers on WiiU and due to the fact he was only around my place for a short time he spent about 70% of his time with my WiiU looking at update bars and loading icons.  Fuck, if I fire up my Wii and put in Brawl or Melee at least I'm playing within less than a minute providing I don't fuck around with the menus.

I just don't care about all these fucking updates, I don't want them, I just want to play the goddamn game that I bought.  The only reason that these updates are required is that sometime after the PS2s generation game developers forgot how to make games that work upon release so patching is required.

There's a lot of games worth playing in the modern day but I find it so much harder to just relax with games now because I know every time I want to play something new I'm going to have to wait for it to update or some such crap.  Still, at least old games fire up instantly so I have something to do while the fucking  thing takes 20 minutes to get itself up to speed.

P.S. Single player games that have required internet connections are the devil, fuck those games.

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