Friday, 3 April 2015

What the fuck are you doing Atlus?

One game that has piqued my interest since I first heard about the idea a while ago was Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. 

I'm a HUGE Shin Megami Tensei fan, it's probably one of my favorite series of games.  For anyone who may not know, SMT is a huge series of monster breeding type games.  The idea is that you have to collect demons and shit and go through dungeons just to give it a very simple explanation.  The main series started as dungeon crawls and it was changed up a little for SMT3 but there's also been a shit ton of spin offs, the most famous of which being Persona.

I'm also a big fan of the Fire Emblem games, a series of strategy RPGs that is famous for it's perma-death of characters, challenging maps, RNG that will fuck you in the ass, memorable characters and great stories.  So of course these two series coming together seems like a fucking great idea.  Then I saw the trailer....

What the fuck is this shit?  It looks nothing like a Fire Emblem and there are only a few little nods to a way an SMT game should be.  It's all anime and moe now with fucking crappy J Pop playing and anime girls being all kawaii n' shit.  Don't get me wrong though, I'm fine with moe, crappy J Pop, fan service anime girls, that shits a little bit of a guilty pleasure of mine but this is not the time and the place for it.  These two series of games are just not all moe and overly anime like this fucking trailer.  Even the Persona series, which comes pretty fucking close, still retains the general feel of an SMT game.

I'm not saying however that this game is going to suck, I just wish it was being marketed as a fucking SMT/Fire Emblem crossover.  It's one of those cases where under a different name I'd be kind of excited but you put this kind of branding on it and it just disappoints me.  That said, information is still a little scarce so maybe as more is revealed by sadness at this trailer will subside but any hype that I had for it is now pretty much dead.

Finally, while I was writing this post I just remembered one game in the SMT series that kind of looks and plays like Fire Emblem anyway.  It's called Majin Tensei.

It's not quite the same but if there is too much moe bullshit for your tastes then this is a good alternative

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