Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter is a game that's been sat in my Steam library for fucking ages and I have no idea when I bought it or why.  It was a game released back in 2003 according to Steam and it was actually quite a pleasant surprise to fire this one up.

There really isn't much of a story to this game.  It's essentially aliens have attacked and are you a bad enough dude to shoot them all in the face with big guns?  There is text at the start of each level that tells you stuff about what's going on but I didn't give enough of a shit to read it, with a game like this I just want to shoot aliens.

That said, the game absolutely lives up to it's title as it will let you shoot a lot, and I mean A LOT of fucking aliens.  At the start of each level you are given a screen where you can purchase weapons, equipment and upgrades with the money you find in each stage and then after that you are just let loose.  The first few levels are a little on the slow and easy side but once things get going, they get going hard.  Your screen will be FILLED with enemies and keeping them at bay can be quite of a challenge.  Once all the aliens are dead you can proceed to the next stage to do it all again. 

While it sounds like something like that would get kind of boring kind of fast, the game is a little on the short side but for something like that I'm not going to dock it points for that since it ends before it starts to overstay its welcome.  My biggest problem with this game was the camera since none of the walls have any kind of transparency.  During one of the final levels of the game I had killed all but a few aliens, just a couple of stragglers left over.  For these aliens the AI had bugged out and they were walking into the walls but I couldn't see them because they were hidden in a corner.  Usually the game gives you a little arrow to combat this but there were enough stragglers left for the arrow not to appear so until I got lucky I was just aimlessly wandering around for a bit.

That said, Alien Shooter is actually pretty good and it was enjoyable enough to get me to start playing the sequel pretty much straight away.  It's a little expensive at £10.99 on Steam but it's the kind of game that gets 80% off in Steam sales so just wait for one of those and get ready for top down alien shooting fun.

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