Monday, 8 June 2015

Steam Refunds!

One of the big complaints about Steam from a long time back was that you can't get a refund for games that you have purchased.  This meant that if you were getting all experimental then you might end up stuck out of pocket with a shit game clogging up your library.  WELL NOT ANYMORE!

The policy on refunds seems rather simple, the request has to been made within two weeks of you purchasing the game and you have to have less than 2 hours play time clocked for the title on your steam account.  This seems fair to me and refunding titles has been a thing that console folks have been able to do since forever so it's nice to see PC finally getting the same treatment.

Of course, this has led to a number of people in the indie scene taking to twitter and moaning about how it's unfair.  Their main complaint is with the two hour time thing saying that now they are unable to profit from making shorter, artier type games.

Well guess what?  Fucking good, I'm glad you hacks can't peddle your arty farty non-game bullshit around Steam anymore.  There is nothing inherently wrong with an arty type game but I have never EVER seen one that is remotely any good.  If a developer does manage to make an arty type game that is good I promise you that people won't want to refund it, they'll keep it so they can support the creator in the hopes that maybe they'll make another one.

To be quite honest, if you're game is less than two hours long it probably shouldn't cost anything anyway.  When I play a game I expect there to be some substance to it, I don't want to be able to beat something in the time it takes me to commute to work.  If you are going to make something arty, now you have to be sure it either has some actual game play value to it or it's absolutely top fucking quality.

Well done Steam, you've done a good job here.  To all those indie developers whining about the two hour playtime thing, go fuck yourself and make something actually worth playing/keeping and then you won't be so bothered by a basic fucking consumer right, assholes.

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