Saturday, 20 June 2015

Pokken Demo Impressions

About 5 minutes from my house there's a department store that is home to the Nagoya Pokemon Centre.  In case anyone is unfamiliar, the Pokemon Centre is a shop where people can go and buy all sorts of Pokemon related merchandise.  There's other stuff you can do there with these weird arcade machines and people always have their 3DSs out too so I guess people can congregate around there for trading and whatnot. 

A while ago I commented on my outrage at the announcement of "Pokken".  A fighting game carrying half the Tekken name where two Pokemon get in an arena and beat the shit out of each other until one falls down.  Since me and my buddy tried it, we'll both be sharing our thoughts on the game.


I initially thought the game was going to be a complete waste of time.  Maybe this is because I hold a great dislike for the Pokemon franchise but upon getting a go with the thing I found myself pleasantly surprised. 

For almost everyone in the store it was their first time with the game and you weren't really given enough time with it to figure anything more advanced than just standard attacking and blocking but even on a surface level there is quite a lot going on.  Each Pokemon can attack, jump, grab and all that standard stuff as well as a special attack specific to each character.  Along side that you get a support pokemon who you can call in for an extra attack or some kind of support ability.  When you take too much damage you can "burst" which makes you stronger, faster, stops you from getting hit stunned and allows you to perform your "ultra".

The game itself is actually pretty fun and I can totally see myself popping into the arcades for a couple of rounds every now and again but I do have one major problem with it.  WHY THE FUCK IS IT AT ALL RELATED TO TEKKEN?!  There are NO elements from any of the Tekken games implemented into it AT ALL.  Everything down to the fucking perspective of play is completely different to a Tekken game so why make that reference at all? It's not even like the demographics of Tekken and Pokemon cross over all that much so I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Anyway, not counting my rage towards bringing Pokemon into the Tekken series it's a pretty good game.  Let's say I'm pleasantly surprised.


To those of you coming from the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire page, it's Polibro here! I'll keep it short and sweet considering Tau has covered most of the technical details above.

Not being a particular fan of Tekken, I luckily don't hold the same problems with this mash-up as Tau. That being said, I do agree it is an odd combination of what would initially be thought of two completely disparate games. As many of the fans know, however, Pokemon is fundamentally a fighting game in as much as they do battle, albeit in a turn-based RPG style in the main series.

Fans of Pokemon have wanted a game where you could actually control your Pokemon utterly and slog it out against your opponent and this meets that need to a certain extent. Going back to Tau's point, it is an odd match but I think it is an interesting in its concept. If this game were released as a console release, I think it would be interesting to add the team element from the main Pokemon series, where you could build a team and battle it out akin to Marvel Vs Capcom. As an arcade game, however, the simple one-on-one style of fighting is perfect.

I'm not a big fan of traditional arcade fighting games, but I'd certainly give this a go now and again. But then again, I am slightly biased.


So there you have it, and just to top the whole thing off, here is some game play footage from the demo we played!

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